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  • Google axes Workspace Legacy Edition

    Google axes Workspace Legacy Edition

    As if this year couldn’t get any worse, Google decided to discontinue its free Google Workspace Legacy Edition. I honestly can’t say I didn’t see this coming because it started years ago when they stopped the creation of new accounts, then reduced the number of users you could use. Right now Google is saying that…

  • Remote Work is here

    Remote Work is here

    Remote work is here. Developers have known for ages that all you need to work is a laptop and internet, now thanks to COVID everyone else does too. I’ve worked remotely for the better part of three years now, starting back in 2017 when I was doing consulting in the UAE. I went there physically…

  • Hacking the Blockchain

    Hacking the Blockchain

    I was having a chat with a friend of mine when the issue of how secure blockchain really was came up. Basically the question was: Is it possible to hack blockchain? Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Yes, but it’s complicated. While the concept itself is pretty resilient to hacking, blockchain, like all other software suffers from…

  • Grails’ false “proxy” problem

    Grails’ false “proxy” problem

    Background I haven’t used Grails in a while so I chose to use it for a small web application I needed to build yesterday. Mostly because I wanted to see what was new in version 3.2.4. I have a bit of a history with Grails, it’s now like a running joke with me that almost…

  • The fake ɢ

    The fake ɢ

    My brush with ɢ So today I saw something really creepy. It freaked me out at first because I couldn’t make sense of it. In my analytic account, there was an entry for traffic from this involving the following URL. Secret.ɢ The only problem is, that URL goes not belong to google, nor does it take…

  • Ransomware


    This article was originally hosted on one of my other sites( which I had to put down for reasons. What is it? Ransomware is a type of software that hackers use that blocks access to a system until a sum of money is paid or set of demands is met, think of it as your…

  • EcoSpam


    Today I’m vexed with Econet Wireless. For years now, Econet has been hell bent on spamming subscribers but now they have decided to engage in the fine art of trolling.