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  • Hacking My Password Manager

    Hacking My Password Manager

    I keep all of my passwords in a password manager. My password manager of choice is Keepass. I used because it’s open-source, free and doesn’t require me to be locked into a cloud-based server. If I require syncing across devices then I can use Google Drive or iCloud services I’m already using. This means the…

  • Hacking the Blockchain

    Hacking the Blockchain

    I was having a chat with a friend of mine when the issue of how secure blockchain really was came up. Basically the question was: Is it possible to hack blockchain? Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Yes, but it’s complicated. While the concept itself is pretty resilient to hacking, blockchain, like all other software suffers from…

  • The fake ɢoogle.com

    The fake ɢoogle.com

    My brush with ɢoogle.com So today I saw something really creepy. It freaked me out at first because I couldn’t make sense of it. In my analytic account, there was an entry for traffic from this involving the following URL. Secret.ɢoogle.com The only problem is, that URL goes not belong to google, nor does it take…