I’m back

Vacation Begins

You may have noticed the lack of content for the last few weeks and assumed I had slipped back into my old non-posting habits. It’s not an unreasonable assumption but you would be wrong. It was just a holiday.

For the last few weeks, I was on vacation and I did not have my devices with me. But I’m back and I’ll be posting with the same frequency as I did before.

There will be a few changes though. First I’m still going to be posting three times a week most weeks. But when I have a bigger series I will be posting five times a week.

Speaking of series, I actually have two in the works right now and they’ll be done in the same way I did the RSA encryption series where we build up small steps until we get to the larger project.

In other news, I am going to make the code for this site open source. There’s no major reason other than it was one of my 2022 goals.

My final update is, I want to have RedWineAndGlue ready, or at the very least out of alpha before year-end. I have been sitting on that project for too long.

That’s about it we should be back to posting on a normal schedule starting today. If anyone is interested in my vacation, hit me up on Twitter, bye-bye.