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  • How to brute force a tower with blocks.

    How to brute force a tower with blocks.

    Today I am working on a summation problem made to look like building a tower out of cubic bricks. It’s fun to brute force sometimes.

  • Lyrics out of context:  I Salute You

    Lyrics out of context:  I Salute You

    King Pinn: I Salute You. I’m driving halfway across the country and this song is on repeat. Rest in Peace Tonderai Makoni. You were awesome.

  • I’m back

    I’m back

    After a few weeks off I’m back to business. This is just an update post detailing plans for the rest of the year.

  • Day 12: Modular exponentiation

    Day 12: Modular exponentiation

    We build the final piece of our mystery project, a function that computes modular exponentiation. Come on in, we have large numbers.

  • Generate Hashtags

    Generate Hashtags

    Today’s problem was especially difficult. Not because the problem was hard, the problem is a no-brainer. No, it was difficult because I decided to only work in Emacs for these challenges. I do not know the first thing about emacs. To make things even more interesting I also decided I would not be using the…

  • Google axes Workspace Legacy Edition

    Google axes Workspace Legacy Edition

    As if this year couldn’t get any worse, Google decided to discontinue its free Google Workspace Legacy Edition. I honestly can’t say I didn’t see this coming because it started years ago when they stopped the creation of new accounts, then reduced the number of users you could use. Right now Google is saying that…

  • Has something gone wrong with GitHub?

    Has something gone wrong with GitHub?

    I work in a Github repo that checks in many non-plain text files and sometimes my PRs will fail to display the rich diff with the cryptic message: Not very helpful right? Especially when reloads have a 50/50 chance of fixing the issue. Until Github addresses this issue there are a few ways to work…

  • Interviews are stressful

    Interviews are stressful

    So I had an interview today, I would like to say it went well but I’ll only know that when they get back to me. Fingers crossed. It was a quick call with two guys, who were awesome, followed by a quick technical test. The first part was a general question and answer, how would…

  • August Plan

    August Plan

    My first-month update post. Here I’m going to list some things going on in my life and some of my plans for the coming month. Since I haven’t been doing these at all I’ve also decided to include a bit of background where needed. Private Projects I am almost done with the alpha version…

  • Young people are awesome

    Young people are awesome

    I met a young author today. 20 years old and she already has two books published. I bought one of her books just to be polite, then I actually read it. It’s actually pretty well written. The pacing is a little off and I’m not a fan of the genre but it’s a good read.…