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  • How to brute force a tower with blocks.

    How to brute force a tower with blocks.

    Today I am working on a summation problem made to look like building a tower out of cubic bricks. It’s fun to brute force sometimes.

  • Two-Sum Problem

    Two-Sum Problem

    Coming back to Rust code after a bit of a hiatus with a simple problem… The Two-sum problem. Finding numbers in an array. Yay, fun.

  • Day 13: RSA Encryption

    Day 13: RSA Encryption

    At last we finally have the great reveal, our mystery project was implementing RSA encryption in rust.

  • Day 12: Modular exponentiation

    Day 12: Modular exponentiation

    We build the final piece of our mystery project, a function that computes modular exponentiation. Come on in, we have large numbers.

  • Day 11: Modular Multiplicative Inverse

    Day 11:  Modular Multiplicative Inverse

    We build another part of the mystery project by creating a function that calculates the modular multiplicative inverse of a number.

  • Day 10: Least Common Multiple

    Day 10: Least Common Multiple

    We continue our mystery project by calculating the Least Common Multiple. We also bump into the Euclidean algorithm along the way.

  • Day 9: Rust Primality Test

    Day 9: Rust Primality Test

    The first task in a new project which shall remain unnamed until it’s ready is a primality test, i.e. checking if a number is prime.

  • Determinant


    In mathematics, a determinant is a special number that you can calculate for square matrices. It’s special because it is only nonzero if and only if the matrix is invertible and the linear map represented by the matrix is an isomorphism. That’s a lot of big words don’t you think? For today’s problem, we don’t…

  • Code Corner: Long Factorials

    Code Corner: Long Factorials

    Long Factorials Calculating the factorials is one of the most basic algorithms out there. It’s so basic it’s actually used to teach a harder concept, recursion. I’m explaining this so that I can get away with using the 2-minute explanation of both concepts. Let me know if you’d be interested in a deeper dive. Recursion…

  • Mathematics


    Mathematics is fun… I hope. Last August I wrote a quick post about how I was going back to school to do Mathematics and Statistics… it’s official, I’m back in school. I’m currently taking the B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Africa. Yay. Th application and registration process came with…